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Gay Massage Brussels : Ayurvedic


All you need to know !

Want to get rid of all your stress?

Originally from India, this wellness massage symbolizes pure relaxation. Do you know why? Well, because it tends to restore balance, both physical and .... rarer thing… psychic. Indeed, this massage seeks the balance between the three main elements of our body: fire (which refers to the digestive organs), air (refers to nerves and hormones) and water (refers to physiological fluids ).

Therefore, it is advised to relieve nervous tension, depression, anxiety, spasmophilia, etc. it is also recommended to stimulate the body, in order to overcome, in particular, poor blood circulation

More than a simple massage, it is a real lifestyle in India, you can get started whatever the age. You can benefit from it, whatever your age, too. In addition, it can be practiced every day in institutes or specialized centers or even better, by me! In addition, the course of each session differs from one person to another. Indeed, the massage can be slow, dry or stimulating, depending on the problems to be solved. In summary: the session is completely personalized!

Gay Massage Brussels : Ayurvedic


The touch is the key

The techniques used for Ayurvedic massage vary from person to person. So, to know the appropriate method, I start the session with an examination, at the end of which, I will be able to determine your profile and consequently the most optimal manipulations to operate.

  • If you are a VATA type person:

you need a slow, regular and enveloping massage in a calm and warm place. A heavy and nourishing oil is also required.

  • If you are of the PITTA type:

you will receive a more or less stimulating, faster and deeper massage with a mainly fresher massage oil. As for the atmosphere, it must be less hot, more temperate.

  • If you are of the KAPHA type:

a dry massage with a little oil and powder is for you. Very stimulating, it activates in particular the lymphatic system.

In addition, Ayurvedic massage can also vary depending on the parts of the body to be treated:

  • The Siro Dara massage:

the latter is performed on the forehead, in order to overcome headaches, promote concentration and to fight against insomnia. To do this, the therapist begins by touching the skull and the nape of the neck using the fingertips. He continues to press and lightly knead the skull. Then it goes down on the face.


  • Kansu massage:

this takes place on the sole of the foot. It is inspired by plantar reflexology that use the feet to soothe the whole body. This time, the movements of the hands turn outwards. To put it simply: the therapist places his thumbs in the middle of the soles of the feet, and then stretches them outward. He finishes the massage with manipulations from the bottom of the heel to the toes. Precision is essential here!


  • Abhyanga massage:

this is for anyone who wants to relax. Sensual and stimulating, it should be done in particular as a duet (yum!)

Gay Massage Brussels : Ayurvedic


One technique, many advantages

Ayurvedic massage has enormous therapeutic properties, here are some examples:


Physical effects:

  • Relaxes muscle tissue

  • Improves blood circulation through increased body heat

  • Promotes tissue oxygenation

  • Brings tone to the body

  • Eliminates toxins present in the body thanks to better blood circulation

  • Strengthens immune defense to resist different types of infection

  • Relax the joints to improve posture

  • Strengthens the spine


Psychological and emotional effects:

  • Allows better management of stress and anxiety

  • Stimulates memory by helping to fight against concentration problems

  • Helps to regain self-confidence

  • Soothes the feeling of tiredness

  • Fight against insomnia

Gay Massage Brussels : Ayurvedic


And the body gets relaxed

Step 1: preparations

Before proceeding to Ayurvedic massage, especially if you plan to carry it out at home, you will have to respect certain rules, such as:

  • Find a calm and soothing place. Normally, the place should be neat and conducive to relaxation. If possible, the temperature should be adjusted according to the type of technique to be used.

  • Place candles (scented or not) to create soft lighting and a friendly atmosphere that encourages appeasement

  • Use the right massage oil: that is the role of the masseur! (My training in aromatherapy will be very useful to you!) Normally, its texture should vary depending on the technique to be performed. But, in general, it must be natural and unrefined (coconut vegetable oil or sesame vegetable oil), it is ideally heated before application.


Step 2: the actual massage process

Traditionally, Ayurvedic massage takes place directly on the ground on a straw mat, but it is also possible to do it on a massage table. Before lying down, the massée must take off all his clothes (underwear is of course accepted). Then he lies down to put himself in the corpse position (on his back). His back should be well extended, the arms should be far apart, the palms should be pointing upwards, the legs should be slightly apart, and the tips of the feet should be pointing outwards. He must lie down for a few minutes in order to release the tensions.

Before proceeding with the massage, the massage therapist begins by warming his hands, shaking them and gently turning the wrists. Then he distributes the vital energy (the famous Prana) by pressing, kneading and rubbing the 107 vital points (the Marmas).

Generally, the massage begins with the posterior part of the body going down from the pelvis to the toes, then going up on the back, up to the neck, in order to finish the scapulae towards the fingers. Then it continues on the anterior areas of the body. This time, the therapist massages from the pelvis to the toes, making sure to turn down. It then rises from the navel to the chest and descends from the collarbones to the fingers. And finally, to end the session, the massage therapist gets into a sitting position. Once fully relaxed, the massage therapist massages the inside of the arms, turning towards the fingers. It also massages the neck, face and skull from back to front.

Gay Massage Brussels : Ayurvedic


Avoid in these cases :

Like any type of massage, Ayurvedic massage must be performed with caution:

  • Avoid in case of heart trouble, hypertension or cancer

  • Avoid during pregnancy, unless prescribed by doctor

  • Avoid in case  of inflammation of the skin, dermatological problems, bruising, tears, swelling and fractures that are too recent and not fully healed

  • Avoid massage after too recent surgery

Gay Massage Brussels : Ayurvedic


Did you know ?

The word ayurveda is taken from the Sanskrit ayur which means "life" or "longevity" and from Veda which means "knowledge, science, wisdom", hence the name "science of life". Created by the Rishis, the old Indian sages, Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine which brings together several practices, including massage.

Ayurveda massage has been neglected for centuries because of the invasions of Muslims in the 8th century and because of its prohibition by the English. It was not until 1947, under Gandhi's initiative, that it was reborn again to become a benchmark massage. Like yoga, it aims to balance the mind with the body. This is the reason why it is considered the massage of well-being par excellence!


There, you know everything. So, let's get started?


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