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Sensual Naked Gay Massage Brussels


All you need to know !

We live in an era where people have a time pressed life style. This obviously generates a feeling of permanent stress which affects everyone's quality of life. The mood changes, you become irritable and you can't sleep. These annoyances can worsen and generally affect the state of health.

Faced with this situation, it is essential to take preventive measures. On this point, massage is one of the solutions. However, there are many practices in massage therapy, so it is not easy to find your way around, especially if you are still a neophyte. Naked or naturist massage is one of them. This technique is on the rise for its many benefits, both on the body and on the mind. We will dissect this concept together, so that this method has no more secrets for you at the end of the article.

First of all, it is advisable to differentiate the tantric massage from the nakedmassage. The first is an erotic tool to rediscover the body of the other. It is then an intimate action for a couple. It is used to reestablish physical communication that could be confrontational.

The second is an effective way to relax and be at peace with yourself. In both cases, the protagonists are completely naked. We leave everything uncovered, this allows us to accept ourselves and bring a dose of eroticism in the session. Know that naked massage does not mean "libertinage". In other words, the session doesn't end with a sexual act, even if it's exciting. In fact, some institutes put up prominent posters to warn customers that there is no sexual act in naked massage.

Sensual Naked Gay Massage Brussels


The touch is the key

The naked massage varies depending on the person being massaged and the masseur. Also, to be as precise as possible, we will differentiate the techniques according to the configuration of the couple in question.

Naked massage is a treatment affiliated with well-being. It is not used for therapeutic purposes. The important thing here is to give hugs without being aggressive.

The technique to favor is touching. It consists of gentle and soothing movements that help reduce tension in the body.

At first, the masseur makes circular movements with the palms of the hand. He takes care to direct massages towards the heart with uniform gestures and low intensities. It is an erotic technique, it means that the whole body must receive the massage. The buttocks, breasts and even the penis can therefore be caressed without problems. However, if you do not want these parts to be touched, you should notify the masseur from the start. It is not a question of sex, but of massage, so we awaken the senses so that we can accept each other. Unlike a tantric massage (which is much more erotic), there are certain limits to be observed in naturist massage.

Sensual Naked Gay Massage Brussels


One technique, many advantages

Sensual massages have many virtues, both on health and on the mind. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the benefits of this technique:

  • To awaken desire without satisfying it: it happens that one is the victim of a drop in libido during a period of one's life. To solve this problem, a naked massage may be the solution. Indeed, erotic touches can excite and awaken desires.

  • To activate the blood and lymphatic circulation: superficial caresses have beneficial consequences on the epidermis and on hypertension. They promote blood and lymphatic flow which quickly invigorates the body.

  • To fight against sleep disorders: the body relaxes after a naked massage session, this regulates the secretion of melatonin (sleep hormone).

  • To soothe fatigue: a naked massage session allows you to have fun and reduce physical and mental fatigue. This allows you to be better able to face certain problems (ruptures, change of job, etc.)

  • To improve your mood: after the naked massage, you accept your body and your being, which leads to a new awareness. We are therefore happier and we feel better about ourselves.

Sensual Naked Gay Massage Brussels


And the body gets relaxed

Remember that naturist massage is done naked. Obviously, before getting started, you have to take a shower, because hygiene is really important. Don't worry, because the masseur or masseuse will also dress in the clothes of Adam and Adam (!)

A pleasant setting that builds confidence

The massage takes place in a pleasant setting that inspires rest and relaxation. To do this, diffuse a few drops of essential oils to enjoy a fragrant atmosphere. Otherwise, you can also opt for scented candles. But, to create a softer atmosphere, we also play a soft melody.

Then, you should sit on a mattress on the floor, or on a massage table, making sure to remove all clothing, including underwear. At first it can be embarrassing, but after a few minutes you can quickly relax.

The massaged must relax, the masseur warms his hands beforehand before practicing the massage. The watchword is lightness and softness. The caresses must be numerous and precise. As it is a naked massage, you can massage all parts of the body without exception. The masseur can therefore easily touch the private parts of the massaged without any problem. In some cases, you can ask for some specific requests like prostate massage.

Sensual Naked Gay Massage Brussels


Avoid in these cases :

Of course, nature massage is relaxing, but it is not suitable for everyone. This is why it is advisable to:

  • Do not practice it on pregnant women, because it calls for the use of essential oils whose active ingredients are dangerous for the fetus

  • Seek the advice of a health professional before practicing massage in the elderly, or in people who suffer from cardiovascular disorders, circulatory problems, or osteoporosis.

  • Avoid getting a massage in case of dermatosis or in case of skin infection

Sensual Naked Gay Massage Brussels


Did you know ?

Naturism massage appeared under the influence of psychic medicine and cardboard naturist medicine in the 1930s. It is part of the activities practiced by naturists and nudists, but in a private space.


However, it is also very popular with other people who are not necessarily nudist or naturist.

The term naturist is used for the first time, in 1768 in the research book of the doctor Théophile de Bordeu. As for its meaning, it is considered a treatment on the basis of which nature takes care of itself.


Indeed, when the body is exposed to the air, the wind and the sun, then it heals itself.

Regarding naturist (or naked) massage, it brings benefits to the body, because it arouses desire, relaxation and relaxation. However, even if it is close to intimate intercourse, it does not have a sexual connotation.


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