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Gay Massage Brussels : Esalen


All you need to know !

We live in a very demanding society regarding performance and it often lead to stress and anxiety which is why it is so important to relax once in a while (before going mad). 

To overcome this stress a solution is to get a few californien massage sessions, also know as "touching the heart".

It is a psycho-corporal technique invented in the 1970s by the Esalen Institute. Here , the goal is to ease and release the tensions that have built up in the body using simple, precise and sensual movements.

Make no mistake, its not sexual even if the method seems very erotic.

With these many virtues, it is not surprising that "touching the heart" is very popular. It is also recommended to regain emotional balance, especially after an argument with your partner.

Gay Massage Brussels : Esalen


The touch is the key

To perform a proper Californian massage, you better respect some techniques. 

First, there is the touch that comes down to a series of gentle and slow gestures. In most cases, it is done with the palm of the hand.The specialist performs circular movements in order to imitate a superficial caress (which helps in relaxation). This action affects blood and lymphatic circulation. We can also consider it as a preliminary as it make the person being massaged feeling confortable.


Second, the masseur performs what is called kneading. This step is important in that it identifies areas of tension.It is intended to deeply massage the muscular parts.The masseur grasps, presses and kneads the fleshy regions of the body. This obviously strengthens the muscles and at the same time increases the elimination of toxins.

Third, there is friction. It makes it possible to release the nodes in the nerves thus reducing certain pains. It is performed on the fingertips with varying intensity depending on the goal.

The massager goes back and forth in a well defined part of the body allowing the tendons and joints to be more toned.

Finally, the specialist taps on areas of tension. This technique comes in two movements, "hatching "and "snapping". The principle is simple, the masseur performs a kind of continuous hammering at the targeted part. This then clear the sputum and eliminates fat deposits. At the end of the session , we leave the massaged alone  for a few minutes wrapped in a blanket to warm him up a bit.

Gay Massage Brussels : Esalen


One technique, many advantages

Californian massage offers many advantages, here are a few:

  • An action against stress: the massage operated by the specialist help the body to regenerate after an intensive period of effort (physical or mental). They help to find a center of gravity in balance by reducing negative tensions in the face, shoulder and lower limbs.


  • An action on the mind: Californian massage allows you to get away for a period of time.During this period you can focus on your goals and motivations.It increase concentration and well being.


  • An action on the nervous system: massage stimulates tissue receptors as well as nerve endings, which helps awaken the senses, allowing you to listen to your body.


  • An action on the muscles: Californian massage soothes muscle pain (stiffness) after an effort. In addition, it enhances the elimination of lactic acids in the fibers.


  • Circulatory action: "touching the heart" is effective in combating the phenomenon of stagnation of organic fluids. Indeed, the gestures made by the masseur greatly improve the venous and lymphatic circulation which also makes it possible to eliminate toxins at the same time.


  • An action on the skin: the various mechanical pressures exerted by the masseur favor tissue respiration. The epidermis will be re-oxygenated and rehydrated. The skin will then be more radiant and more fit. This technique is therefore ideal for those who want to look younger.

Gay Massage Brussels : Esalen


And the body gets relaxed

Californian massage is a technique that must be performed by a specialist who has received special training. Certainly, the gestures and principles of "touching the heart" are not complicated. But for a more effective action, it is better to be massaged by a professional.

The session takes place mostly bare, however if you are shy , it is possible to keep your underwear on. The important thing is that you feel comfortable during the session.

Generally, the specialist uses a product based on essential oils (fragrant and relaxing) as a support. This facilitates the sculpting and sliding of the masseur's hands on the body.

It is usually performed on a comfortable massage table. However, it can also take place on the floor or on the tatami mat. There is also no problem if using the bed, provided the mattress is straight.

A massage session usually lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. From the gentle, enveloping and relaxing touch. The maneuvers are linked (kneading, friction, tapping) and increase in intensity. The action therefore starts from the epidermis with much deeper tensions in order to release the emotions.

The masseur focuses primarily on the upper part of the body (back, shoulders, arms). It then go down on the lower parts, respecting the lines of the meridians and the muscular outline of the body.


To extend the benefits of massage, a few actions are recommended. For example, you should rehydrate yourself well and reduce the time spent in front of a screen. This obviously accentuates well-being and relaxation.

Gay Massage Brussels : Esalen


Avoid in these cases :

Californian massage is a gentle method to recharge your batteries. It is for this reason that there are very few contraindications. In principle, anyone can try this practice without fear of possible negative health effects.

However, some people with specific disorders should seek the advice of their doctors beforehand to minimize the dangers. These are generally individuals with:

 •A fever

• Heart problems

• Circulatory problems

• Skin conditions (dermatosis, burns, etc.)

• Osteoporosis


Californian massage is also not recommended for women who are more than three months pregnant. Pressures and maneuvers can disturb the development of the fetus. So you have to be patient, ladies, because after giving birth, you can benefit from this practice with a thousand virtues.

Gay Massage Brussels : Esalen


Did you know ?

In the 1960s to 1970s, there was a new thinking emerging in medicine. It was about prioritizing "human potential". It was a method that brought together well-being, spirit, health and feelings. Many researchers gathered around the Esalen Institute in California to build the principles of this doctrine. Thus, various forms of bodily therapies were born. Californian massage is one of these techniques. It was created by Margaret Elke who was inspired by several types of massage (Swedish, Japanese and Native American).

The lady then moved to Europe in the late 1970s. She then contributed to the popularity of "touching the heart" in the old continent. His technique is now one of the most famous massage techniques in the world.


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