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Gay Massage Brussels : Swedish


All you need to know !

Here is some surprising information: "Swedish massage does not come from Sweden". Indeed, it draws its principles from traditional Chinese medicine.

However, the person who invented it was indeed a Swedish athlete, Per Heinrick Ling. He was also a doctor, so thanks to his knowledge of anatomy and physiology, he was able to develop, with his Chinese friend Ming, a therapeutic massage technique. At the time, that is to say in the 1800s, it was a new and quite controversial method.

These days, Swedish massage is one of the most widely used methods in the world for dissolving tension and for strengthening muscles and joints. It has invigorating and relaxing properties, because it promotes blood circulation and the elimination of toxins.

No wonder the big stars like Cristiano Ronaldo or Zlatan Ibrahimovic are fans of this technique.

Gay Massage Brussels : Swedish


The touch is the key

The Swedish massage has not undergone any major changes, the techniques used have remained the same for generations:

The effleurage: this maneuver takes place at the very beginning of the session, its purpose is to prepare the massé for the different next step. It therefore comes down to a series of slow, gentle and rhythmic movements towards the heart.

Kneading: this technique is performed using the pulp of the thumbs and fingers. It aims is to soften the tissues as well as the muscles. It will also help promote the circulation of organic fluids in the body.

Friction: this is a deep maneuver, unlike touching and kneading, the practitioner applies friction with greater intensity. In some cases, it turns out to be a little painful. This action acts both on the muscles and on the joints, which optimizes blood and lymphatic flow. In addition, it also eliminates fat by burning it.

Percussion: This method comes down to rhythmic blows made by the masseur with his fingers or his hands. At first it is quite slow however the intensity increases with the massage. This action stimulates the muscles and also promotes sputum.

Vibration: it is a set of movements intended to shake the massaged. The practitioner uses his hands during this phase of Swedish massage. However, it is likely that the specialist also uses certain massage devices to reach the deep areas of the joints and face.

These maneuvers allow you to work all the muscles in depth. According to various studies, performing these steps in a specific order causes sensations similar to those of a gymnastic session. So you feel more flexible and fresher after a Swedish massage.

Gay Massage Brussels : Swedish


One technique, many advantages

Numerous clinical trials have been carried out to gauge the reliability of Swedish massage. The results were unequivocal, indeed according to the researchers, this method would have specific virtues on the anatomy and on the state of health in general.

Studies have also been able to demonstrate that maneuvers can relieve various pains. Here is an overview of the benefits of this massage:

  • Calms back pain

A Swedish review published in 2009 that Swedish massage is beneficial for people with back pain. More specifically, this technique was recommended for people suffering from acute and chronic low back pain. However, massage was much more effective in addition to other exercise programs.


  • Relieves pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee

Swedish massage is particularly reliable for reducing the feeling of pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee. According to specialists, this improvement is achieved thanks to the reduction of anxiety in those affected. It is therefore recommended in combination with conventional treatments.


  • Reduces stress in people under professional pressure

A pilot study has shown that massage therapy in the professional context can greatly reduce perceived tension. Swedish massage therefore improves mood in general and reduces work-related stress. Notice therefore to those who feel oppressed by their jobs.


  • Facilitates the elimination of toxins

The maneuvers performed by the practitioner on the massaged mass optimize blood circulation. This will have an incident on the drainage of toxins, in fact, these toxins will be evacuated more quickly by the organism. At the same time, the organs as well as the tissues will be re-oxygenated and rehydrated thanks to the mechanical action of the massage.


  • Reduces pain in case of body aches

After a more or less intense physical effort, the body undergoes numerous micro-tears which appear as colors in the muscles. To calm these symptoms, Swedish massage is one of the solutions. The massage therapist performs a series of movements that relax the body and speed up recovery. It's the reason why this technique is highly recommended for athletes.

Gay Massage Brussels : Swedish


And the body gets relaxed

A Swedish massage session last between 45 and 60 minutes. Before settling on the massage table, it is important to talk to the massage therapist. This allows you to be comfortable which will improve the effectiveness of the massage.

The person being massaged must wear a minimum of clothing. This is a blocking factor for many, however, you have to keep in mind that the masseur is a professional. We must see him as a doctor who only seeks our good.

The massage patient lies on the massage table (the non-massage body parts are covered with a towel). Then, the practitioner coats his hands with essential oil or a specific lotion. The choice of these products should not be taken lightly, as they contribute to the effectiveness of the massage.

The masseur often starts with the touch and continues with the other techniques with pauses between transitions.

The practitioner leaves you for a few minutes at the end of the session. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of massage in peace.

Gay Massage Brussels : Swedish


Avoid in these cases :

Swedish massage generally does not present a risk for individuals. Thus, it is suitable for almost everyone. So whether you are a man, a woman, a teenager, an elderly person, it will always be possible to try this practice.


However, there are a few contraindications to keep in mind if you have these problems:

• Fever over 37.5 °

• Contagious and infectious diseases

• Hemophilia

• Fractures

• Sprains

• Burn

• Skin infection (recent wounds or scars)

• History of heart problems

• Muscle or ligament tears

• Circulatory disorders

• Bruises


Swedish massage is also not recommended for certain categories of people such as:

• Pregnant women over three months

• People who have recently had surgery

• People under medical supervision

To avoid the risks, it is best to consult a doctor beforehand.

Gay Massage Brussels : Swedish


Did you know ?

The ownership of Swedish massage remains controversial.

According to some specialists, it was Per Heinrick Ling helped by his Chinese friend Mr Ming who was the inventor of this concept.

Mr. Ming indeed taught him the ancestral relaxation exercises of the Middle Empire. Based on this knowledge, Per Henrik then developed a set of techniques for athletes which he calls the "standard massage system".

According to other practitioners, the Dutch doctor Johan Georg Mezger is the real creator. It  would be him who have defined the basic movements of Swedish massage based on the work of Per Henrik Ling.


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