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Gay Massage Brussels : Thai


All you need to know !

Contrary to popular belief, Thai massage is not originally from Thailand. Indeed, it comes directly from India, 2,500 years ago. Influenced by the advent of Buddhism, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, this therapy conquered Thailand some time later. Currently, it has been accompanying us for years towards wellness, thus getting rid of the negative energies of everyday life.


Like Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage considers that the human body is animated by an invisible energy, called "prana". When the latter is out of balance, because it cannot circulate normally, the immune system is thereby impaired. This is when health problems arise and the massage then finds its place.

This body therapy aims to restore the lost balance. Considered a complete treatment, it can be practiced as a preventive measure to avoid the appearance of certain disorders. But it can also be used therapeutically, thus relieving physical pain and promoting mental relaxation.

Gay Massage Brussels : Thai


The touch is the key

Although Thai massage is inspired by many disciplines, it has its own techniques. And not the least!

  • The "nuad tao" foot massage: as its name suggests, it is practiced on feet that have been cleaned beforehand, of course, sometimes with scented water! Then, the masseur using a stick, exerts pressure on the famous acupuncture points, in order to relieve the body.

  • The "nuad toua" body massage: this surprises us, not because it is performed on the body, but because it is performed with cotton pyjamas. Lovers of sweetness, you are not knocking on the right door: this massage is very invigorating and can sometimes be painful. However, it is always possible to request a lighter massage.

  • Thai oil massage "nuad nam man": it is practiced from head to toe. It offers a pure moment of happiness, because it offers a real moment of escape thanks to the bewitching scent of essential oils.

  • Thai massage with medicinal plants "nuad samounpaille": this allows us to benefit from the therapeutic properties of the plants, while lying on the massage table. We actually get a light massage with warm compresses containing several medicinal plants.

  • Intimate massages: these are intended for the naughty ones who wish to indulge in the pleasures of being massaged lightly. Here, the goal is the pleasure of the ultimate senses, gently to reach various orgasms and discover new erogenous zones.

Gay Massage Brussels : Thai


One technique, many advantages

If Thai massage has stood the test of time, it is because it provides enormous benefits for the body, mind and morale. Overview :

Effects on the physical plane:

  • Relieves back pain and joint disorders

  • Activates blood circulation

  • Helps fight heavy legs and varicose veins

  • Soothes headaches

  • Gives flexibility to the whole body

  • Helps fight blood pressure


Psychic effects:

  • Helps fight insomnia and sleep disorders

  • Soothes fatigue

  • Help with stress, anxiety and anxiety management

  • Releases negative emotions

Gay Massage Brussels : Thai


And the body gets relaxed

It may seem surprising, but Thai massage is practiced on a dressed person. We must therefore wear flexible, comfortable and loose clothing. On request, it is entirely possible to practice it entirely naked, just ask! Generally, a large shirt with cotton pants is more than enough to get comfortable. Rest assured, the massage oil will not stain the outfit.

Before starting, you are invited to lie on the tatami mat, massage table or on a mattress. Then, the massage therapist takes stock with you: he requests information on the lifestyle, to help him determine the Ayurvedic constitution. It is precisely at the end of this interrogation that he will then be able to know the postures and the intensity of the manipulations to be carried out in order to balance the body.


The massage always begins with the soles of the feet. Apparently, this is considered to be an energy zone on which our entire body rests. Well, because it supports the weight load, it receives the first attention. However, be aware that it also indicates general health.

The therapist thus continues the massage by pressing on the parts of the body. This time, he does not spare his tools, because he does not only use his hands (thumbs and palms), but also uses his elbows, even his knees. At first glance, this seems to be confusing, however, this practice is a thousand times more effective. That's not all, Thai massage also invites us to adopt amazing postures. After finding balance in the painful parts of our body, the masseur finishes the massage at the scalp.


In the end, we come out of the session well relaxed from head to toe. Also expect to be a little tired instantly, which is completely normal. Indeed, it is necessary to give the body time to recharge. The next day, you will have far more energy!

Gay Massage Brussels : Thai


Avoid in these cases :

Thai massage poses no health risk. But that doesn't mean it is suitable for everyone. On the contrary, it is:

  • Not recommended for pregnant women

  • Forbidden to people who suffer from cardiovascular disorders, dermatological problems and osteoporosis

  • Practiced on pregnant women, only after receiving the advice of a doctor, at least if it is about foot reflexology

  • Not recommended for children under 6

Gay Massage Brussels : Thai


Did you know ?

Even if Thai massage is not originally from Thailand, it is established in this country, under the influence of Buddhist monks and doctors from India. Over time, it develops in the country. These techniques are transmitted from one generation to another by oral tradition. Thanks to listening to the disciples, they quickly master the art of massage in temples or directly at home.

Nevertheless, the traditional Thai massage known as "Nuad Bo’ ram "(nuad: pressure and Bo Rahn: old) is learned in institutes. The best known of these schools is Wat Phô in Bangkok. Created in 1830 by King Rana III, it is located in the temple of the reclining Buddha.

Thanks to its benefits, Thai massage is not only practiced in Thailand. Indeed, it conquered Europe in 1960. But it did not attract the interest of Europeans until after the publication of a book in English which established its principles. More than just a massage, it is currently considered a real body therapy.


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